Vision 21
The Eltizam Business Transformation Program

Vision 21

Deployed in 2017, Vision 21 is Eltizam’s Business Transformation Program – developed with an aim to turn Eltizam from a Growth Company to a Customer Company. The management of Eltizam believes that sustainable business growth can only be achieved by focusing on the development of its people and processes (organizational development), customer happiness and ensuring efficiency in operations. These core themes formed the basis of the Vision 21 program, as illustrated

A dedicated Vision 21 team ensures that the program’s goals become reality, by managing a portfolio of corporate projects in several work streams. Each project has a dedicated project owner, with progress being tracked monthly, and quarterly. Annually, the entire project portfolio is reviewed and new priorities agreed for the coming 12 months, as part of Eltizam’s leadership day. Below is a sample of some key Vision 21 work streams, and related projects:

Workstream: Technology

We see the adoption of innovative technologies as central to Eltizam’s transformation into a Customer Company. After launching our customer recognition system for our Contact Center in early 2018, we are focusing on taking our FM maintenance processes completely paperless by the end of 2018 through the introduction of a mobility solution to our technical teams. In addition to this, and in line with the Eltizam Technology Roadmap, we are developing a cutting-edge customer application which will be a one-stop shop for anyone living in an Eltizam Community, covering all of their property needs.

Workstream: Customer Focus

We have developed and are implementing a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Program, designed to integrate all customer feedback to allow us to analyze and take action on areas where there is room for improvement in customer service. In addition to this, as a way to achieve a positive social impact on our customers, we have developed the Eltizam Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program with multiple activities taking place throughout 2018 and beyond.

Workstream: Organizational Development

As one of the key pillars within Organizational Development, HSE is a critical element in Eltizam’s drive to ensure maximum safety and security for Eltizam’s staff, community residents, as well as to protect our surrounding environment. In line with this, the HSE team at Eltizam is rolling out an integrated HSE management system across the Eltizam operating entities and has become an approved training center by the British Safety Council before the end of 2018.