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Three60 Communities Introduce Circ E-Scooters In Abu Dhabi

Three60 Communities, a subsidiary of Eltizam Asset Management Group and Circ to roll-out micro-mobility to Reem Village, Marina Square and City of Lights.

This unique partnership aims to support Abu Dhabi’s Environment Vision 2030, which prioritizes mitigating the impact of climate change and ensuring safe and healthy living conditions through the provision of clean air and reduced noise pollution.

Circ will hold offline education and training events at these communities to ensure the highest levels of safety and best possible driving experience to customers as they promote micro mobility.

Simultaneously, both entities will work together to establish operating parameters including GEO zones, go/no-go zones, speed limits, parking and hotspot locations in the designated communities, ensuring the scooters add value to residents’ living experience in a Three60 Community without inconveniencing any stakeholders.

“Three60 Communities, as one of the largest and most qualified OAM and PM companies in the region, is committed to ensuring we meet the expectations of our customers through the delivery of innovative solutions by our trusted and highly talented partners,” said Chris Roberts, CEO, Eltizam Asset Management.

“Circ’s electric scooters offer residents an enjoyable, convenient and eco-friendly micro transport solution; they are also the fastest and most affordable transport option over short distances. We are certain they will be extremely well received as they enhance accessibility across public transport and intra-campus travel services, and we look forward to the positive impact our partnership with Circ will have on Abu Dhabi’s communities in the coming months and years,”