Our People

We are continually setting new benchmarks and standards as we make our way to be a leading authority in asset management in the region. Our people make this happen.

Our approach to people

We are committed to attracting the best talent (both locally and globally). The clients we work with expect the best solutions to their projects. To this end, we ensure that we invest in our people to ensure they are at the forefront of their area of expertise.


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Careers with Eltizam and group companies

We believe that great technology, platforms and service operations are created by great people. We enthusiastically cultivate a culture of doing and we consistently reward the people who produce results. While we are relentless in delivering tangible value to our clients, we balance our hard work with fun and family.

Open Positions

For Eltizam Group career enquiries, please email us at careers@eltizam.com or visit us on