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Eltizam Signs AED29m Service Agreement With Transguard Group

Eltizam Asset Management Group, a leading physical asset management company in the UAE and GCC, has signed a service agreement with Transguard Group LLC for the provision of security services to multiple buildings and developments throughout the UAE. Commencing 1st May 2019, Transguard Group will administer a range of security services including security guards, CCTV operators, radios, patrolling vehicles and supervisors to various units across the Emirates over an initial three-year period worth AED 28.7 million.

Accommodating these services at sites such as Marina Square Development, Addax Tower, Hydra Towers and Reem Village; Transguard will be responsible for delivering a cost-effective quality-driven security guarding service which maintains the best standards for all areas whilst ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Transguard will conduct surveys and recommend measures to improve security on the premises; maintain appropriate records relating to staff duties and attendance; prepare daily information reports; and carry out routine inspections on all sites.

As part of the agreement, Transguard will also deliver their enhanced Smart Guarding security service; ensuring security guards are all connected to a state-of-the-art centralized command and control centre providing 24/7 support. As a result, security teams will be better connected and able to coordinate and respond more effectively in the event of incidents and emergencies. As part of this new contract, Transguard will be focused on ensuring operational quality; with every guard passing through comprehensive training at Transguard’s Centre of Excellence Facility.

Mohammed Alsharaf, COO, Eltizam Asset Management Group, said: “Eltizam Asset Management Group is a dedicated partner in delivering sustainable and strategic physical asset management solutions for our clients and customers. We are driven by our ambition to provide the highest level of services to all, and our partnership with Transguard will ensure that this vision will continue to be realized. We are looking ahead to the future with great anticipation and we relish the opportunity for similar partnerships if and when they present themselves.”

Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group, added: “Our agreement with Eltizam is yet another example of how Transguard effectively supports its customers with innovative and integrated business support solutions, enabling them to focus on their core business. We’re looking forward to supporting Eltizam with a tailored security services package, ensuring their customers’ safety.”