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Eltizam ramps up automation & digital transformation initiatives with rollout of SAP Ariba procurement management solution

World’s largest B2B trading platform to transform Group’s core procurement operations and fast-track its digital transformation journey

Eltizam Asset Management Group, one of the leading physical asset management companies in the UAE, has successfully rolled out the next-generation end-to-end procurement solution SAP Ariba as part of its intensified and wide-ranging automation, operational efficiency and digital transformation efforts. The deployment of the highly accessible cloud-based solution is seen to modernize and take to the next level Eltizam’s core procurement and finance processes and operations.

Eltizam’s selection of SAP Ariba was based on the platform’s reliability, industry stature and track record. The company joins an astounding network of 2.7 million companies and 1.4 million users worldwide that have been utilizing and enjoying the benefits of the system to date.

By transitioning to SAP Ariba, the Group can better manage, evaluate, and approve all proposals submitted by vendors or suppliers across various locations. This leads to direct and enhanced engagement between Eltizam and its target suppliers and solution providers, as well as redefined and more streamlined communication and collaboration mechanisms. Further, the technology is equipped with advanced features designed to revolutionize and level up the performance of the organization’s supply-chain flow and management for greater overall supplier, buyer, and user experience.

SAP Ariba also provides real-time analytics to help Eltizam and its subsidiaries arrive at more informed decisions. Given the system’s design and structure, SAP Ariba will enable Eltizam to strategically prepare for future development and integration of its processes with the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

“Our intention of implementing SAP Ariba is to keep up with the digital transformation and reach to international vendors as we continue to expand as a company. Adoption of technology is an important part of our mission as a business organization as technology is one of the six important pillars of our company’s culture, which we call ‘Get Wonky.’ This latest development shows that we are not slowing down in our efforts to harness the power of relevant technological innovations to create amazing opportunities for success,” said Chris Roberts, CEO, Eltizam.

SAP Ariba, the world’s largest B2B trading platform, was implemented across Eltizam’s business units by its subsidiary, Tamouh Integrated Business Services (TIBS), which operates across the UAE and MENA region. Seeking to accelerate business transactions and promote seamless procurement transactions, TIBS provides its clients with specialized business solutions, with emphasis on system automation and process efficiency.

Its deployment followed TIBS’ rollout of the intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) system SAP S/4HANA, which has improved Eltizam’s finance, human resources and procurement operations.

Mansoor Khan, TIBS Group, IT Director, said: “Companies build their operations around ERP systems. Following the implementation of S/4 HANA in January, SAP Ariba will now transform the end-to-end operations of the clients’ businesses by enabling intelligent digital procure-to-pay solution. It will allow clients to respond to new customer demands and enable a digital roadmap increasing efficiency and delivering savings to their clients in the procure-to-pay business process.”