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Eltizam Asset Management Group establishes Training Academy in Abu Dhabi

An array of leadership, technical and soft skills training courses will be delivered to ensure staff are aligned to its “Vision 21” Business Transformation Program

Eltizam Asset Management Group, a leading physical asset management company in the Middle East, has announced the deployment of its own Training Academy to serve the group’s nearly 2000 staff and provide education and workshops to enhance the knowledge, skills and performance of all departments within the group. The Academy has been identified as a critical element essential to ensuring staff are at the forefront of their area of expertise, in line with the company’s Business Transformation Program “Vision 21”.

A range of leadership, soft skills, customer handling and technical training courses will be available to provide individuals and collective teams with opportunities for professional development, with the establishment of the center affirming Eltizam’s commitment to transform from a Growth Company to Customer Company as part of “Vision 21”.

Chris Roberts, CEO, Eltizam Asset Management Group, said: “We are committed to attracting the best local, regional and international talent so that we can continue to grow whilst maintaining high levels of customer happiness. The clients we work with expect us the provide the best solutions to their projects and we wish to invest further in our staff so that they are experts within the industry in which they are working.”

“Organizational development has been an integral aspect of our “Vision 21” program since its inception in 2017. We operate with the belief that sustainable business growth can only be achieved by focusing on the continuous progression of our employees’ skill sets and processes, which will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. The launch of the Academy is reflective of our determination to realize our vision and help our people with their professional development. We look ahead to the coming months and years with great anticipation,” Roberts continued.

Eltizam’s Training Academy has been designed to benefit all staff including Managers, Finance Team, Contact Center and Technical Staff, Admin, Lifeguards, Supervisors and Team Leaders. The company constantly strives to have significant impact on the living and working environment of the communities, public sector and businesses they serve through passion to innovate.

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