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CEO of Eltizam Asset Management Group, spoke at the Arabian Business SUCCESS 2020 Forum

Chris Roberts, CEO of Eltizam Asset Management Group, spoke at the Arabian Business SUCCESS 2020 Forum. The event included other prominent business experts, leaders, and motivational speakers and addressed the topics business executives find crucial to their success, such as technology, developing customer service, boosting sales, and improving staff management.

How can you use virtual reality techniques to boost your team’s leadership skills? What is the best way to drive sales in a challenging economic climate? How do you keep your staff motivated when budgets are tight? What are the top-ranked customer service companies doing so differently? How can big data analytics help boost revenues? Can monitoring customers’ feelings and attitudes lead to better results? What are the short-term benefits of investing in digitalization?

These are some of the key burning questions business leaders in the region need answering right now.

The Arabian Business SUCCESS 2020 event answered these, and more, in a bid to give our readers some practical tools and insightful tips to help them be more successful in 2020.

The event was moderated by the BBC’s Andrew Neil and consisted of a range of business leaders, motivational speakers and experts on a range of pertinent topics such as better management of your staff, improving customer service levels, boosting sales levels and embracing new forms of technology to earn practical results.

Some of the speakers included James Michael Lafferty, an American businessman, consultant, psychologist, and keynote speaker.

Lafferty is known for being a senior executive at companies such as Procter and Gamble Company, Coca-Cola, and British American Tobacco and also a fitness trainer, Olympic athletics coach, and motivational speaker.

Faten Abu-Ghazaleh, president of Service Hero, a company monitors and ranks customer service levels in the region, explained how focusing on customer service can lead to big results and what those that are at the top of the rankings are doing differently.

Chris Roberts is a CEO who oversaw a 20 percent increase in just six months at his company Eltizam Asset Management. He explained some of the tips he used and which won him the title of Turnaround CEO of the Year 2019.

Other areas included how to keep your staff motivated and at the top of their game, with business coaches Dawn Metcalfe and Bina Mathews. Hazel Jackson from Biz Group outlined how the Middle East’s first multiplayer Virtual Reality Leadership Training is helping management teams reach their full potential.

Speaking of embracing new technology, we will also look at the short-term benefits of going digital and cashless systems.

The event analyzed how companies can practically utilize new technological breakthroughs such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Robotics to enhance their business processes and see results.

The event took place at the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah on October 28.