We believe that we can have a significant impact on the living and working environment of the communities, public sector and businesses that we serve through our passion to innovate.

Our Belief

Eltizam Asset Management Group believes that managing the built environment as per international industry standards benefits all stakeholders: asset investors reap benefits of lower long term maintenance costs and higher ROIs, building residents live in communities that are safe, clean and well maintained, and commercial space occupants interact with their building management teams through simple, seamless digital processes. To this end, we work smart, around the clock, and maintain a strong customer service ethic to ensure we deliver on our ultimate goal of customer happiness.

Our Story

Established in Abu Dhabi in 2009, Eltizam Asset Management underwent a restructuring into the current group of companies in 2014, in order to better serve our clients with a more integrated suite of real estate services, and expand throughout the region.

Principles and Philosophy

Our vision

To be a committed partner in providing sustainable and strategic asset management solutions to our clients and customers.


To achieve exceptional customer happiness in an engaging, safe and secure environment, delivered consistently through innovative solutions by our trusted, talented professionals.

Our values

• Results Orientated
• Integrity
• Innovation
• Dedication to the Company

Eltizam Asset Management Group Companies

Eltizam Asset Management Group has created a company structure of subsidiaries in order to deliver the full spectrum of support services, including one-off single services to bespoke delivery models and complete turnkey solutions. Eltizam Group, one of the largest property asset management companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE.